Poland and Lithuania,
session card service

Obtaining a residence card in Europe is a step that many people dream of and offers many advantages. As Visa Consultancy Firm, we facilitate this process with our residence card services in Europe.

in some way
You have arrived in Europe and need a residence permit, what should you do?

You can obtain a residence card with this service, which is only for our people in Europe.

What are the advantages?


free movement

The residence card allows free movement in many European countries.


work opportunities

It offers the right to work legally and expands career opportunities.


education and health services

Allows access to free or low-cost education and health services.


result and receipt of the card

Support in the process of finalising the application and receiving the card.

We are with you all the way!

  • We are a team that offers you specialised support in the process of obtaining a residence card in Europe:

The Lithuanian residence card will take approximately 2-3 months and will be issued in 100%.

To get a residence card in Poland, you must first have a work permit, tourist permit or somehow be in Europe. When you come to our office in Poland and start the process, you will have your residence card in your hands within about 2 months.

Our experienced consultants manage the process in the most effective and fastest way.

We offer you a reliable service with our customer satisfaction-oriented approach. We do not make transactions without securing both parties with our contract.

We are happy to work with you to obtain a residence card in Europe.
Contact us and start this process with our expert consultants.