the easiest way,
to work
in europe,

Your work permit or residence card is in one country, the job you find is in another country …

If this is the case, A1 certification system is for you.

You can get the opportunity to work in the country you want with this system.

How does the a1 transfer system work?


if you are in Poland or Lithuania

Currently, we only serve those who have a Polish and Lithuanian residence card or work permit.


get a job in our company

You will be hired on our company and your insurance will be started


Contract with the workplace you have found or we have arranged

We conclude a labour transfer agreement between the company where you are employed and the company that hires you. We secure your future and that of your residence card.


get to work now!

Immediately after signing the contract, your language certificate will be prepared and delivered.

Answers to
all your questions are here!

You are only entitled to insured employment in the country in which you have your residence card. The only way to work in another European country is to go to another country as a hired worker.

It should be 1 week after your arrival in Europe. Then you can apply for the a1 system. It will take approximately 2-3 weeks to prepare your documents.

With the A1 system, you need to complete about 3 years in the opposite country.

After completing about 3 years as a hired worker in the target country, you will be entitled to receive the residence card of that country.

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